Lost Property


We do not encourage pupils to bring into school any articles of great value, such as expensive watches, electronic devices or coats, as the school does not accept responsibility for damage or loss.

All articles – including clothing – should be marked with the pupil’s name.

Staff who volunteer to oversee lost property will not be expected to investigate the loss of anything which is unnamed; the school will dispose of such unclaimed items after two weeks.

Pupils should report lost property to their Form Tutor in the first instance and enquire at the First Aid Office.

Named items are returned immediately via the First Aid Office.

The school cannot accept responsibility for lost/stolen items, although we are always diligent in trying to recover such items.  Personal property is the responsibility of the individual.

All property (including bicycles, cars, etc) is brought onto the site at the owner’s own risk.  The school cannot compensate for loss of property or damage to property.


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