Cams Hill School is its own admissions authority. This means that we are responsible for all aspects of the admissions process for the majority of applications and that these are administered through the school. The major exception is the administration of initial main-round applications for places in Year 7, which are made through the Hampshire Common Application Form.

Miss Rachel Matthews is the Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for admissions and transition and Miss Sarah Jenns is the Senior Administrator who deals with applications and is able to offer support with the admissions process. Please get in touch via email to or by phone on 01329 231641 with any questions or if you are considering making an application and wish to discuss an issue.

Notice of Change to Published Admission Number 2018

Cams Hill School will officially increase its Published Admission Number (PAN) to 240 pupils per year groups as of September 2018.  This confirms the current situation which has been identified as a temporary increase for current year groups 7-10.

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Once you have visited all the schools you are considering and have decided on your preferred school, you must apply by midnight 31 October 2017. You are encouraged to apply online at The online form is available now.

When you complete the Common Application Form, you will be asked to rank your first, second and third choices of secondary school. As Cams Hill is an oversubscribed school, it is important that you place us first among your choices if you are sure that Cams Hill is the place for your child.

All applications to Cams Hill are ranked in order according to our oversubscription criteria set out in our admissions policy. The school does not take the preference of applicants into consideration when ranking applicants in order of priority at this stage.

Once the school has returned the ranked list of applicants to Hampshire Admissions Service, they take into consideration parental choice at that stage and try to offer places to pupils in their highest preference school where a place is available.

This might mean that pupils who come high up in the ranking for one school because they have a sibling who attends that school, or because they attend a curriculum-linked primary school, might not in fact take up that place if they are also able to be offered a place at another school that they have placed higher according to their own preference. Where a place at a higher preference school is available, that pupil will be taken off the list for all other schools.

The national notification date when pupils and parents will find out which school is able to offer a place is Thursday 1 March 2018. After this date, schools maintain their waiting lists. Waiting lists are also ranked in order according to the oversubscription criteria. Usually, in the case of Cams Hill School, this means that those pupils on the waiting list are ranked by distance from the school (on a straight line, as the crow flies). These distances are provided by Hampshire’s distance calculator. However, any late applications made between 1 November 2016 and 1 March 2017 will also be ranked according to the oversubscription criteria on the waiting list, which means that some pupils who apply later but come under a higher priority criterion will be ranked higher up the waiting list.

If you apply for a place for your child at Cams Hill School but are not allocated a place here on 1 March, do not despair. First of all, make a request in writing to the school for your child to be placed on the waiting list. There are often some changes and pupils who are towards the top of the waiting list are offered places as these become available, often between the national notification day and the beginning of the new school year in September. There are many possible reasons for places becoming available, such as: a pupil who has been offered a place decides to take up a place at a private school; a family moves away from the area; a pupil who has been offered a place is offered a place in a school with specialist provision for SEN; a family decides to home educate a pupil who has been offered a place, etc. In the current Year 7, 12 pupils were offered and accepted places via our waiting list before the beginning of the school year. Once the waiting list has been established (by 15 March 2017) you can contact the school or Hampshire Admissions Service to find out your child’s current position on the waiting list.

If your child has not been offered a place at your preferred school, you are able to make an appeal against this decision and put forward your case. The appeals schedule begins in mid-May with hearings usually at the beginning of June.

Applying for other places at Cams Hill School during the academic year 2017-2018

If you are considering making an application for a place at Cams Hill School during the school year, please telephone Miss Sarah Jenns to request an application pack and discuss your application. Miss Jenns will be able to help and advise you on your application every step of the way.

Parents are asked to consider very carefully when making an application for a place in Year 10 or Year 11; in many cases, a change of school once GCSE courses are underway can be very disruptive for pupils because it can be difficult to match up the programmes of GCSE study between schools. It may be that we are not able to offer an exact match for the subject options being followed in your child’s current school; even if we are able to construct a timetable for your child following the same subject choices, all schools organise the learning of their pupils independently and it may be that topics and assessments are taken in a different order. This can make it a real challenge for the pupil to catch up on assessments and learning already covered by Cams Hill pupils if they have not covered the same material at their current school. Because of the challenges posed by a KS4 change of schools, we ask all parents to contact us directly and make an appointment to discuss GCSE learning with the Key Stage 4 Manager, Mrs Pippa Newman, or one of her team, in order for us to support you in making your application.

If you are making an application for a place in Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9, it is very important that as part of your application you let us know which Modern Foreign Language your child has been studying in their current school. This will determine the tutor group that your child can be placed into. If there is no place available at the time of your application in a tutor group studying your child’s current language, we would need to discuss the application carefully to explore options. You can also make an appointment with the Year 7 Manager, Miss Sophie Haynes, or the Key Stage 3 Manager, Mrs Alison Waters, or one of their team members for a tour and the chance to talk through your child’s needs.

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Pupils with SEN

Places at Cams Hill School are offered without reference to ability or SEN, except in cases where a pupil’s Education Health Care Plan names Cams Hill School. Parents should make applications for pupils with SEN in the normal way by contacting Miss Sarah Jenns for an application pack. However, our SENCo, Mr Andrew Haines, is keen to discuss any new pupil’s needs and you should ask for an appointment to discuss ways to support your child when calling to request an application pack.

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